Page updated: February 6, 2021
Author: Curtis Mobley
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Surface Transmission Factors

This page contains links to some of the data files described in the paper Mobley, C. D. and E. Boss (2012)

We currently give here only the files for a clear sky and zero wind speed that were used to create Figs. 9-11 of the cited paper. Rather than upload a larger number of data files for other wind speeds, sky conditions, etc, for the 2 deg latitude grid used in the AO paper, interested users should contact author Mobley to discuss the format needed for similar data files for the user’s application. We can then generate data files that match the user’s exact latitude grid, wavelength range, wind speed, etc. or other specific needs.

The file of instantaneous irradiances computed every 30 minutes, every day, on the 2 deg latitude grid for zero wind speed, clear sky, 400-700 nm, chlorophyll = 0.5mgm3 can be downloaded here (18 Mbyte zip file)

The file of 24 hour daily averaged irradiances computed from the above file and used to create AO Figs. 9-12 can be downloaded here (1 Mbyte zip file)

The 4 files of irradiances as functions of solar zenith angle used to create AO Fig. 2 can be downloaded here (25 Kbyte zipx file)

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